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The Secret Garden

︎Interactive Installation
︎Public Art

Collaborators: Jung Chan Yee, Mahfuz Sultan, Rebecca Han

Tucked in between Harvard University’s Lamont Library and the bustling Mass Ave, lies a secret garden called the Dudley Garden. It occupies a curious, in-between space, where the abundance of trees gives it an ambiance of a meditative space, even though noisy Mass Ave lies just beyond a brick wall.

This work exaggerated the in-between quality of the secret garden by installing an interactive door which brought in and amplified the soundscape of hectic avenue. It served as an acoustic space-time portal, innocuous but tempting to open.

Interaction: “Opening” the door amplifies the cacophony of the  traffic as if opening a sound portal, and “closing” it allows one to shut the noise away.

Collaborators: Jung Chan Yee, Mahfuz Sultan, Rebecca Han

Materials: white residential door and door frame, arduino, audio shield with microphone/speaker, infrared (IR) proximity sensor, lasercut plywood