Interactive Installations
︎︎︎ Geothermal Sculpture
︎︎︎ Pulsus  
︎︎︎ Secret Garden

Digital/Physical Fabrication
︎︎︎ The Robot
︎︎︎ The Handrail 
︎︎︎ The Inlay
︎︎︎ The Bridge

︎︎︎ The Museum
︎︎︎ The Loop 
︎︎︎ The Hub404


︎︎︎ Mental Breadcrumbs
︎︎︎ Biometric Wearables
︎︎︎ Air Travel Design Guide︎
︎︎︎ Attributes of Aliveness

Design Fiction
︎︎︎ Future of 3DPrinted Buildings
︎︎︎ Human-Computer Interaction
︎︎︎ Objects that Seem Alive

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About — 

Humbi Song is an architectural designer, artist, and creative technologist, at the intersection of architecture and emerging technologies.  

Her built works focus on digital/physical installations, interactive public art, and responsive architecture, in which spatial works are electronically augmented to create experiences that blur the boundary between the digital and the physical.

She researches questions such as:

  • How can biometric sensing wearables help us quantify spatial experiences in built environments? How can this be used to facilitate human-centric, evidence-based design? 

  • How do people use mental breadcrumbs in urban wayfinding? What is the relationship between emotions and spatial memory? 

Her Design Fiction series explores a speculative future of 3D printed construction where machines and robots build architecture according to their algorithmic logic, and the subsequent human-computer interaction (HCI) stories that arise within the building codesigned and cohabited by humans and robots.

Song currently teaches graduate-level courses on design technology topics, such as digital fabrication, embodied computation, interaction, responsiveness, installations, physical computing, soft robotics, and arduino/electronics for Architects, Designers, and Engineers.

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