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Digital/Physical Fabrication
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Design Fiction
︎︎︎ Future of 3DPrinted Buildings
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Speculations on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

︎Human-Computer Interaction
︎Experiments in Embodied Computation
︎Design Fiction

In a future of 3D printed buildings, what if machines decided to build architecture according to their algorithm logic, unbeholden to human sensibilities and architectural styles?

And what if humans and machines codesigned and cohabited these structures to live in? What would those human-machine negotiations look like? 

(This is part 2 / 3 of a Design Fiction series exploring a speculative future of 3D printed construction, future of human-computer interaction, and future of IoT (Internet of Things) that are seemingly alive. )

In “Drunk Drones”, 3D printing drones print columns in its own architectural style and aesthetics, depending on their mood at the time:

In the “Bot Nursery” a human looks after a group of social robots:

Roommate Dispute”: robots and people cohabitate (with varying degrees of cordiality)

Love Story”: The furniture snuggle while the humans are away. This is a love story of the Camera & the Couch: 

Produced as part of 
Toasters in love, jealous doorknobs, and the things around us

Advisors: Andrew Witt, Allen Sayegh

Acknowledgements: James Weaver, Jan Kwan, Oliver Luo, Shaowen Zhang, Tommy Schaperkotter, Hyunsuk Yun, Adam Wagner, and Milos Mladenovic for invaluable advice and assistance.