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An elevated urban park and building over a highway in Atlanta

︎Architecture/Urban Design
︎Public Input 

Atlanta’s Park Over GA400 recognizes and makes use of an opportunity to occupy the gap created by the GA400 freeway.

The 9-acre public space over the highway provides connections that tie the neighborhood back together, as well as ample capacity for a mix of distinct spatial experiences including the shaded grove of the Commons for picnics and casual gatherings, a grand Plaza with vibrant edges and a large public display at the train stop, lush and intimate Gardens for immersive nature and art walks, and more. Construction is expected to begin in 2024 and is estimated to last two years.

Year: 2016 (expected construction completion 2025) 

Client: Buckhead Community Improvement District, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Team: Rogers Partners Architects + Urban Designers, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Role: Architectural Designer at Rogers Partners (Concept, SD, and beginning of DD phases, and development of 3D model on Rhino. 3DM model and drone photography sent out to Luxigon for rendering, outputs of which are above.) 

  • 2018 WLA Awards Shortlist – Conceptual Design Award
  • AIA New York’s 2017 Design Awards – Urban Design Merit Award
  • World Architecture News’ Future Projects Urban Design 2017 Shortlist
  • Architect Newspapers’ 2017 Best of Design Awards for Urban Design
  • The European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum – International Architecture Award
  • The European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum – Green Good Design